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About the Comprehensive Cancer Center

On the Establishment of the Comprehensive Cancer Center

Medical Director Ryuji HayashiWe provide highly advanced medical care, as the only Advanced Treatment Hospital in Toyama Prefecture.
It goes without saying that cancer, the top cause of death in Japan, demands excellent treatment.
We have been designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a Regional Designated Cancer Care Hospital (Advanced), and as a Cancer Genome Medicine Core Base Hospital; we continue to do whatever we can to meet the expectations of the people of the prefecture.

Cancer treatments continue to improve at a remarkable pace: in June 2020, we opened the Comprehensive Cancer Center — the first facility of its kind in Toyama Prefecture — to further enhance our ability to treat cancer. The Comprehensive Cancer Center includes a number of new specialized centers that have been strongly requested by the people of Toyama Prefecture, such as the Robotic Surgery Center; the Pediatrics, AYA Generation, and Fertility Center; and the Sarcoma and Rare Cancer Center. Through these cancer centers, we work to support cancer treatment within Toyama Prefecture, with the wealth of human resources that only a university hospital could provide.

At the Comprehensive Cancer Center, each and every one of us aims to bring highly advanced cancer treatment to the people of Toyama Prefecture, with outstanding medical care that provides peace of mind.

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About the Comprehensive Cancer Center
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