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Cancer Rehabilitation Center

We offer specialized, high-quality rehabilitation care, by making the most of our advantages as a university hospital that provides advanced medical care as a core medical institution for the region.
In our treatment work, we strive to ensure that patients can have a safe, enjoyable, and successful rehabilitation experience. In addition to providing excellent medical treatment as a university hospital rehabilitation center, we also aim to expand the availability of rehabilitation treatment throughout the prefecture. As part of these efforts, we have prepared a specialized training program for rehabilitation medicine specialists, to start in FY 2021: we will serve as the core institution, taking over for the Toyama Prefectural Rehabilitation Hospital & Support Center for Children with Disabilities.

Treatment System & Overview of Our Work

As Japan’s population becomes older and older, rehabilitation medicine is more important than ever.
In Toyama Prefecture, there is a pressing need for rehabilitation medicine, so in January 2020, we established the Department of Rehabilitation at the Toyama University Hospital. We have made the most of our advantages as the prefecture’s only Advanced Treatment Hospital, and as a university hospital, to establish a system built on closely collaborative, highly specialized care between medical departments, enabling us to provide rehabilitation therapies suited to each patient, and that start from earlier stages than ever.
We provide rehabilitation treatment primarily for inpatients and post-discharge patients. Our unified team of primary doctors, rehabilitation physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, artificial limb makers, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, social welfare workers and medical social workers, care support specialists and care managers, care workers, dentists, and more, provides care focused on patients and their families.

Main Target Tumors

We provide rehabilitation for cancer and an extremely broad variety of other diseases.
Conventionally, rehabilitation focused on difficulties and disabilities, and aimed to “overcome” these. In recent years, though, rehabilitation has shifted its focus to the activities that form the foundation of our lifestyles, with the aim of restoring patients’ ability to engage in everyday life, family, and society. Therefore, it is also critical to maintain and improve patients’ natural abilities for these purposes.

Highly Specialized Medical Care

We focus on introducing the most advanced robotic rehabilitation and cutting-edge orthotics. We also perform neuroscientific and biomechanical evidence-based evaluations using the latest in testing equipment, including a 3D motion analyzer and a transcranial magnetic stimulator for motor nerve evaluation. Additionally, we have dedicated rehabilitation therapy spaces in certain wards, to serve as a bridge between bedside rehabilitation and rehabilitation at a central treatment facility. Through these dedicated spaces, we aim to proactively provide rehabilitation therapy for patients with serious needs, starting at earlier stages.
Department of Rehabilitation

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