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Cancer Genome Medicine Promotion Center

Treatment System & Overview of Our Work

Cancer genome medicine was officially introduced by the national government in FY 2018. Alongside this, it was officially announced that we would serve as a Cancer Genome Medicine Collaborative Hospital.
On September 19, 2019, we were designated as a Cancer Genome Medicine Core Base Hospital. Of the 34 such facilities nationwide, we are the only one located in Toyama Prefecture. Within just six months of opening in November 2019, with treatment covered by national health insurance, we had already performed over 50 cancer genome tests. We collaborate with Toyama Prefecture and other medical facilities, with every member of our staff focused on advancing cancer genome medicine in Toyama Prefecture.

Distinguishing Features

Cancer genome medicine requires specialized scrutiny of the patient’s cancer, followed by an examination of the genome data from every possible angle.
As a university hospital, we need more than just cancer specialists: genetic medicine specialists, genetic counselors, and cancer genome medicine coordinators all play essential roles in cancer genome medicine. Though cancer remains difficult to defeat, we continue our work in the hopes that our genome medicine efforts might serve to help patients in some way, no matter how small. For more detailed information about cancer genome medicine, please visit the “To Patients Requesting Cancer Genome Medicine” page linked below.
To Patients Requesting Cancer Genome Medicine

Facilities and Equipment

We provide support for cancer genome medicine through cooperation with departments specializing in each organ and the Department of Genetic Medicine.

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