Ryuji Hayashi Senior Professor/Medical Director

Six years have already passed since I was appointed to this department. Although I have been working with great enthusiasm to lead the cancer treatment at the University Hospital, there have been many things that I have not been able to accomplish, and I have been left with a lot of regrets.
My main activities include: 1) the launch of Cancer Genome Medicine, 2) management of Hoku-shin Cancer Pro (a project of the University of Toyama Graduate School of Medicine), and 3) management and operation of the Regional Cancer Treatment Center Hospital. In fact, the first three are all related to government subsidized projects, and I am reminded once again of the tremendous responsibility I have taken on.
This fiscal year, we received a new designation as a "Base Hospital for Cancer Genome Medicine," and the "Hoku-shin Cancer Pro" project is also in a new application year. Therefore, this is a milestone year for each project.
Based on our experience to date, we are determined to strive for further development. In particular, the 4th Basic Plan for the Promotion of Cancer Control has the goal of promoting cancer treatment through cooperation within the prefecture.
I was originally born in Tokyo and grew up in Tokyo and Saitama, but I have lived in Toyama since entering university in Toyama. I love Toyama with its rich nature, and it is my sincere pleasure to develop cancer treatment in Toyama in cooperation with everyone in the prefecture.
I will devote myself even more diligently than before and do my best to realize cancer treatment that will make you feel happy to live in Toyama.