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Shortened Surgery Wait Times

Previously, patients would need to wait for three months for procedures such as robotic surgery, due to the limited operating room access assigned to our department. However, starting in August 2020, waiting times will be shortened significantly due to operating room additions and renovations, as well as an increased usage allocation for our department.
We now expect to be able to perform surgeries within one to two months, as we work to accommodate patients’ desires to undergo surgery as soon as possible.

World-Class Advanced Chemotherapy Lineup

There are cases where a treatment may be considered scientifically optimal and recommended by other countries’ guidelines, but not listed in Japan’s guidelines, or perhaps that treatment would not be covered by national health insurance in Japan. In other cases, a treatment may be covered by national health insurance, but unfeasible to introduce at inadequately equipped facilities.
We offer most of the world’s most advanced therapies (including some currently in clinical trials), such as immune checkpoint inhibitor combination therapy for kidney cancer, immune checkpoint inhibitors + molecularly targeted drug combination therapy, chemotherapy for urothelial cancers (such as bladder cancer, or cancer of the kidney pelvis and ureter) + immune checkpoint inhibitor combination therapy, antibody-drug conjugate therapy, novel endocrine therapy and immune checkpoint inhibitor combination therapy for prostate cancer, and more. We provide the latest in cancer treatment, in combination with personalized therapy using gene panel testing.
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