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In-House Cancer Registry Department

As a Regional Cancer Treatment Base Hospital, Toyama University Hospital’s cancer registry work staff are specialized in cancer registration, with certifications from the National Cancer Center, in accordance with the Cancer Registration Promotion Act and in-house cancer registry implementation guidelines.

In-House Cancer Registry

Hospital-based cancer registries, such as our in-house cancer registry, collect information on all cancer patients diagnosed throughout the medical institution, and examine the data to elucidate how cancer is treated. Information related to cancer is submitted to the National Cancer Center, where it is then used to improve medical care quality through a clearer understanding of how cancer is actually treated, to develop a better grasp of the current state of medical institutions that offer specialized cancer treatment, and to improve measures taken by the government related to cancer.

The Prognostic Survey Support Project for Hospital-Based Cancer Registries

Toyama University Hospital is a participant in the National Cancer Center’s Prognostic Survey Support Project for Hospital-Based Cancer Registries, which targets all designated cancer care hospitals in Japan. In particular, for any patients whose cancer was registered here in 2007 or later, but for whom we are unable to obtain prognostic information at the hospital, the National Cancer Center investigates patient survival through resident register inquiries submitted to municipalities, to check whether patients are still alive.
If you wish to prohibit these inquiries, please inform the in-house registry staff.

National Cancer Registry

The National Cancer Registry system was established in January 2016. Based on the Cancer Registration Promotion Act, this system aims to aggregate, analyze, and manage data regarding all people diagnosed with cancer in Japan. Under this system, medical institutions nationwide are obligated to submit data to their prefectural governors on people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Uses of Cancer Registry Data

• Providing data to the National Cancer Center (in-house cancer registry)
• Providing data to Toyama Prefecture (National cancer registry)
• Providing data for prognostic studies by local governments, national institutions, and other medical institutions
• Developing a better grasp of the current state of cancer treatment at Toyama University Hospital and disclosing (anonymized) data
• Providing (anonymized) data to support medical treatment, research, and education at Toyama University Hospital
• Providing (anonymized) data for cancer-related studies performed by other institutions

Anonymization of Data

“Anonymization” refers to the process of removing specific information from data that could be used to identify individuals, such as names and addresses. For requests that information related to a patient no longer be provided nor available for inquiries, please contact:
Toyama University Hospital In-House Cancer Registry — Tel: (076) 434-7093 (direct line)

Personal Information

Individuals involved in cancer registration work are required to properly manage personal information and maintain strict confidentiality, in accordance with the Toyama University Hospital rules and regulations on measures regarding the proper management of personal information, and laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information.

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